Capture the spirit of Ramadan™ is the brainchild of Dr. Basel Almisshal, Founder and Chief Creative Director of the initiative.

Dr. Basel founded the IRPC as an international platform for the empowerment of talented photographers and the sharing of positive Islamic imagery under the banner of “Bridging Cultures & Inspiring Creativity”. He serves as a jury member along other renowned artists and professionals.

Dr. Basel is an award winning architect, photographer and branding consultant with a passion for all things creative. He is recognized for his innovative thinking and creative design concepts and his approach to design from a multi-faceted photographer’s perspective, giving particular attention to detail and viewpoints; while in photography he composes his photos from an architect’s perspective of balance and harmony. Almisshal began his journey with photography in the late 1990’s and has become a distinguished photographer with a rich portfolio of distinct photos from several genres and geographical locations. He has taught photography at the university level and is a member of the Royal Society for Arts and the Association of International Architecture Photographers as well as the 1st and only Arab member of the United Nations Photographic Council.