British Museum in London Supports the IRPC

Basel-Almisshal-with-Venetia-PorterFounder of the “Capture the Spirit of Ramadan” International Photography Competition™ Dr Basel Almisshal meets with Dr Venetia Porter, Head of Islamic Collections at The British Museum to discuss plans for 2013. Dr Porter expressed her sincere appreciation of the IRPC and her interest in supporting the initiative. Dr Almisshal had the pleasure of presenting her with the first edition of the ‘Capture the Spirit of Ramadan’ photography book. Dr Porter loved the book and was very impressed with the diversity and quality of the photos.
Our meeting with Dr Porter is part of our efforts to provide international support to this unique initiative and create platforms for exhibiting and promoting all the wonderful work we have received from 60 countries throughout the competition. It is also part of our early preparation for the upcoming Third Edition and the publication of the Second Volume of the IRPC book which remains the worlds largest collection of Islamic themed photography. Once again we would like to thank all participants and Inshallah we will continue to celebrate the spirit of the holy month of Ramadan together and promote your creativity and talents globally.

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