Spirit of Ramadan Magazine

The IRPC is very proud to announce the launch of our very own Spirit of Ramadan Magazine. The magazine includes features on art, spirituality, family, culture, food, education and much more. There is sure to be something of interest to everyone in the magazine and we truly hope that you will enjoy it and share it. The magazine has numerous exciting editorials including an exclusive interview with Steve McCurry; intellectual features by renowned philosopher Dr Tariq Ramadan and British researcher Dr Laura Zahra Abraham; an inspirational piece by Mustafa Davis, acclaimed Muslim American photographer and film maker; a history article on Ibn Al Haytham; a special feature by Muslim Chinese calligraphist Haji Noor Deen; and an extensive Ramadan foods section featuring Dubai celebrity chef Suzanne Husseini and Yvonne Maffei, the America Halal Kitchen chef among others.


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