How do I submit a photo to the competition?

All photo submissions should be emailed to ramadanphotography@gmail.com. Once received with the correct information and meeting the submission requirements, photos will be loaded within 48 hours to the competition page at www.facebook.com/RamadanPhotography. If your photo is not published within 48 hours, unfortunately it has not been accepted and decisions are final.

What is the entry fee?

There is no entry fee. This competition is free to all professional and aspiring photographers.

How old must I be to participate?

Participants of the competition must be at least 18 years old.

When is the deadline for submission of photos?

Photo submissions will be accepted from the first day until the last day of Ramadan. All photos must be taken during Ramadan 2015.

What types of photos can I submit?

The photography categories are “Architecture“, “Spirituality” & “Culture“.

In the First and Second Editions of the IRPC, the published photos were organized into four (4) weekly albums covering the four weeks of Ramadan. This year the photos will be organized into three (3) albums based on each category. 

What are the submission acceptance requirements?

Photos must be in digital format and should meet the following requirements for acceptance: JPG or JPEG file format and at least 12 inches on the longest side, 300 dpi JPG compression 10-12, with no graphic designs, logos or frames. 

What should I include with my photo submission?

Informative descriptions and well written captions are a good way to tell the story of your photo. Captions and the below information should be embedded in the “Description” section of the file metadata as shown in the below images. The description should follow the below format:

– Name: First Last
– Location: Place, City, Country
– Date: 30 June 2015
– Title: Title/ Name of your photo
– Description: The idea / story of your image (keep it short)

Technical information such as Focal Length , F-Stop, ISO, & Shutter Speed should remain in the file.


All images should be named as follows:


Example:  Aisha-Jumma-Egypt-1.jpg

If it is your second entry into the IRPC it should be:


Finally, please submit each photo in a separate email.



How many photos may I submit?

There is a maximum limit of three (3) photos per each day of Ramadan and withdrawal of submitted photos is not permitted.

How will my photographs be judged?

The top 100 photos entered into the competition (selected by the competition committee) will be judged by the Jury Panel based on: Impact & Message, Creativity, Photographic Quality & Technique.

May I enter a photo that has previously been published or has been a winner of another competition?

No, your photo must have been taken during the month of Ramadan, 2013 (9 July- 9 August) and must not be entered in any other competitions or photo sharing sites, etc.

Will my photography be seen online?

Yes, all photographs entered into the competition that meet the submission acceptance requirements will be showcased on the IRPC social media platforms and a selection of those will be featured on the IRPC website Gallery. All the winning entries and shortlisted photos will also be featured on the competition website, as well as on affiliate news and media outlets at the discretion of the Organizers of the competition.

Is image manipulation allowed in the competition?

We request that you submit photographs that are not manipulated and real. Images can be cropped, sharpened, color adjusted, and other minor adjustments. Spot color and other manipulations that can not be accomplished through the use of a filter are not allowed. Items may not be cloned out nor may backgrounds be changed. Images may not be collages or blends of more than one image. If an image is found to be deceptive in any way, it will be disqualified from the competition. We trust our users to submit unaltered files. We cannot research every photo entry, however, if a photo is chosen for publication, it will be scrutinized for possible alterations.

What rights does the IRPC have to my submission?

The IRPC will have the nonexclusive, perpetual right to use IRPC photo submissions for promotional and informational purposes, in any media, including, but not limited to: display at exhibitions; publication in the Capture the Spirit of Ramadan Photography Book, the Spirit of Ramadan Magazine, IRPC newsletters and social media platforms; publication in international newspapers and magazines (both digital and print); publication on relative blogs or websites. Please read through the official photo contest rules for further information on the rights you grant when submitting a photograph to the International Ramadan Photography Competition.

What are the prizes?

There will be three (3) winners per each category: Architecture, Spirituality, and Culture for a total of 9 official jury prizes.

The First Place winner for each category will be awarded U.S. $1,500
The Second Place winner for each category will be awarded U.S. $1,000
The Third Place winner for each category will be awarded U.S. $500

There will be three (3) honorable mentions (although no prizes will be awarded). The honorable mentions will be chosen for demonstrating a high caliber of quality and creativity. All winners will have their winning photograph and names published on the competition website and in affiliated media. Winners of the competition will be chosen within two month of the close of the competition and will be notified by email and public announcement on the website and social media platforms. Decisions of the judges are final and binding.