Because over 19 million people are watching…and that number is multiplying every day. Because there are over 55,000 fans that are looking forward to the IRPC every year. Because there are thousands of Muslim (and non) artists  that deserve to be recognized, encouraged and rewarded. Because  over 60 countries are participating and sharing with the world their culture and traditions. Because the world needs to know about the beauty of this initiative. Because the world needs to see another positive and encouraging face of Islam. Because the world needs to be aware of our diversity and brotherhood.

Simply because this is truly inspirational.

As a fast-growing worldwide community, supporting the IRPC increases your visibility within our international network and guarantees that we will be able to carry on this wonderful celebration of Islamic and artistic beauty for years to come. StudioBasel for Creative Solutions provides fiscal stewardship for the IRPC and looks for opportunities that allow organizations, companies, and individuals to aid the project through financial means, media collaboration and barter services/advertising.


Support Our Mission

This is a unique opportunity for your organization to become involved and join in the international network that the IRPC has created for Muslims and those wanting to learn about Islam and for artists and photographers around the world who are working to share with the world the beautiful and diverse images that have showcased Islamic culture and tradition at its best from over 60 countries.

This initiative aims to foster communication and dialogue between cultures and countries and offers a creative view of Islamic traditions around the world. It is truly a beautiful Ramadan experience that has captured the hearts and minds of people from all walks of life across the globe as they watch the IRPC every day during Ramadan.

Support the Work of the IRPC

The IRPC Team has been presiding over the preparation and maintenance of the entire event for the past three years including organizing, marketing, public relations, media contacting and competition logistics in-house with no exterior support by way of labor or significant monetary funds.

The IRPC Team would like to be able to proceed with our plans of having an international touring exhibition, book launching events, continuous publication of the Capture the Spirit of Ramadan Magazine, publishing of IRPC children’s books and more creative ideas that we have for the continued success of the IRPC. Achieving these goals would be more than rewarding for our team and our fans around the world that benefit from these initiatives.

Support IRPC Photographers

The International Ramadan Photography Competition would not be what is it without our photographers and we need to be able to offer the due recognition and reward for their tremendous efforts and dedication to the IRPC. The quality and diversity of IRPC photos are what make us stand out from the crowd. We would ideally like to have more significant prizes, and international events that will bring together our photographers in celebration.

Please contact us today for more information on how YOU can sponsor the IRPC.